Shadow Witch Giveaway Winner

Shadow Witch Book WarpCongratulations to Vince, winner of a signed paperback copy of Shadow Witch, Horror of the Dark Forest. Shadow Witch is autographed by Top-5 Amazon Horror novelist, J Thorn, and yours truly.

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Shadow Witch is the story of Thom Meeks, who lives with his family in Droman Meadows under the protection of the Kingdom of Mylan. An unusually long winter creates anxiety in the village and some believe it to be the return of an ominous force known as the Shadow. When a pack of dread wolves lays ruin to Droman Meadows, Thom escapes with his wife and four daughters. They set out on the Mylan Road in hopes of finding refuge in the capital, but dark forces emerging from the primeval forest will challenge them for their eternal souls.


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