Six Spellbinding Kindle Unlimited Mysteries

Spellbinding Mysteries on Kindle Unlimited

Six Spellbinding Mysteries to Read in Kindle Unlimited

By definition, spellbinding refers to holding someone’s attention as though by magical means. That’s the perfect description for a well-crafted mystery or thriller. Such books keep you turning pages and enraptured until the thrilling climax. Today we bring you our favorite spellbinding mysteries to read on Kindle. If you’re a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, this is your lucky day. All of our choices are absolutely free to read in Kindle Unlimited, so dig in.

The Silent Dolls Rita HerronThe Silent Dolls – Rita Herron

When seven-year-old Penny Mathews vanishes in the mountains, Detective Ellie Reeves investigates. The search takes on added desperation. A serial killer has stalked this wilderness for years.

The woods are deep and dark. Penny has no chance against the sadistic murderer chasing her. Reeves must find the girl before the killer does.

But there’s a powerful winter storm rolling toward the mountains.

A child’s footprints leads Reeves on a wild chase to save Penny. She must face her greatest fears to overcome the monster stalking the wilderness. A spellbinding, chilling page-turner that will leave you breathless.


My Sister's Grave Robert Dugoni My Sister’s Grave – Robert Dugoni

Twenty years ago, Tracy Crosswhite’s sister vanished. A murder trial led to the capture and arrest of a convicted rapist.

But Crosswhite never believed the rapist was her sister’s killer. Now she’s a homicide detective with the Seattle PD, and she’s intent on finding the truth.

After the sister’s remains are discovered in the Cascade Mountains, Crosswhite becomes determined to catch the real killer.

But doing so opens a pandora’s box of dangerous secrets and puts her in the crosshairs.

A heart-pounding thriller and mystery that you can read for free in Kindle Unlimited.


The Last Sister Kendra Elliot The Last Sister – Kendra Elliot

In the first spellbinding thriller/mystery in the Columbia River series, a shocking double murder brings sisters Madison and Emily back to their hometown in Oregon.

The murder reminds the sisters of their father’s death. He was found hanging behind the house two decades ago, and older sister Tara claimed she was out with friends that tragic night. After a brief investigation, a murderer was caught and imprisoned.

FBI agent Zander Wells investigates the crime and encounters Madison and Emily. Did the police catch the wrong person twenty years ago?

And is Tara hiding a dark secret?


Her Last Breath - download

Her Last Breath – Dan Padavona

In the first hair-raising page-turner in the Wolf Lake mystery and thriller series, Thomas Shepherd returns to his hometown in the Finger Lakes after he was nearly killed in a Los Angeles drive-by shooting.

The former detective, diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, accepts an entry-level deputy position with the Nightshade County Sheriff’s Department and moves beside the lake, hoping to find peace.

Then a headless body washes ashore. A serial killer is stalking paradise.

Thomas confronts the ghosts of his past as he investigates the murder. He must rely on allies, new and old, to catch the killer before another life is lost.

But the killer wants Thomas to be his next victim.



The Last Lie Told Debra Webb

The Last Lie Told – Debra Webb

USA Today bestselling author Debra Webb brings a new spellbinding, page-turning legal mystery to Amazon Kindle Unlimited readers in the Finley O’Sullivan series.

O’Sullivan lives with daily trauma over her husband’s unsolved murder. The legal investigator looks deeper into the crime after a man convicted of murder claims he was only covering for his daughter. The daughter has a twin sister, and the twins have different stories about the crime.

The investigator must confront her own demons if she is to solve the case.

But time is running out.


Lucinda Berry When She Returned When She Returned – Lucinda Berry

Eleven years ago, Kate Bennett disappeared and left her husband and young daughter behind. Fast forward to present day when she seeks help at a gas station with an infant cradled in her arms. Was she the victim of a cult abduction?

When she returns to her family, she finds her husband has a new wife, and her daughter doesn’t remember her. Why does Kate look and act so differently now that she’s back?

Kate’s return is shrouded in shadow. She hid secrets from her husband, and now they are bubbling to surface.

The truth may rip the family apart.

A tense thriller/mystery with a disturbing twist.


These are our six favorite spellbinding mysteries in Kindle Unlimited. If you don’t subscribe to Kindle Unlimited, fear not. For a limited time, you can download bestselling author Dan Padavona’s Dead and Buried for FREE on Kindle, Nook, Kobo, and more.

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