Farewell, Dawn Lee

Farewell Dawn Lee McKenna

I’m heartbroken to announce we lost Dawn Lee McKenna, a loyal friend and amazing writer. Dawn passed peacefully with her family at her side. While we will forever miss Dawn, she is no longer suffering.

Those of you who’ve followed my website since the beginning already know how much I love Dawn Lee McKenna’s books, and how I appreciated her guidance and spirit. If you haven’t read her Forgotten Coast series, please do. They’re all thrilling page-turners with characters you’ll fall in love with. I give the Forgotten Coast books my highest recommendation.

Dawn Lee McKenna: Crafting Thrills in Southern Landscapes

In the realm of contemporary thriller fiction, Dawn Lee McKenna stands out as a distinctive voice. With the sun-soaked settings of the American South as her backdrop, McKenna paints her tales with rich detail, unforgettable characters, and intricately plotted suspense. But who is Dawn Lee McKenna and what makes her work resonate with so many readers?

Southern Roots, Universal Appeal

Born and raised in the South, McKenna’s narratives often draw from her experiences and the atmospheric locales of her upbringing. Her depiction of small-town life, with its complex web of relationships, secrets, and shared histories, offers readers a vivid and immersive experience. The South, in her novels, isn’t just a setting—it’s a living, breathing character.

The “Forgotten Coast” Series

Perhaps McKenna’s most notable contribution to the thriller genre is her “Forgotten Coast” series. Set in the coastal regions of Florida, the series offers suspense in the midst of breathtaking landscapes. The books don’t shy away from the darkness lurking beneath the surface of idyllic towns, weaving tales of crime, passion, and mystery.

Forgotten Coast thunderstorm

The protagonist, Maggie Redmond, with her personal struggles and professional challenges, is a character many readers find relatable. McKenna’s adept handling of Maggie’s character development throughout the series showcases her prowess in building strong, multifaceted characters.

Style and Substance

Dawn Lee McKenna’s writing is characterized by its crisp prose, sharp dialogue, and evocative descriptions. While her narratives are packed with tension and suspense, they also delve deep into the emotional and psychological lives of the characters. This balance between plot-driven tension and character depth is a hallmark of her work, giving readers both excitement and insight.

A Commitment to Authenticity

McKenna’s commitment to authenticity is evident not just in her detailed settings, but also in the issues she addresses. From the intricacies of relationships and familial ties to broader societal concerns, her books touch upon subjects that resonate with many. Her characters grapple with real-life issues, making them both relatable and compelling.

Dawn Lee McKenna, with her unique blend of Southern charm and nail-biting suspense, has carved a niche for herself in the world of thriller fiction. Her books aren’t just about solving mysteries; they’re about understanding people, deciphering relationships, and exploring the many shades of morality. For those who enjoy thrillers with depth, heart, and a strong sense of place, McKenna’s works are a must-read.

Dawn Lee McKenna’s “Forgotten Coast” Series

The allure of the American South, with its picturesque locales, rich history, and enigmatic residents, provides a fertile ground for tales of suspense. Dawn Lee McKenna’s “Forgotten Coast” series deftly uses this setting, offering readers a thrilling ride through Florida’s Gulf Coast while also delving deep into the souls of its inhabitants.

The Setting: Florida’s Gulf Coast

The “Forgotten Coast” refers to a relatively undeveloped region along Florida’s Gulf Coast. As opposed to the bustling tourist hubs, this area is steeped in natural beauty and a slower pace of life. But, as McKenna aptly demonstrates, tranquility does not mean the absence of intrigue. Beneath the surface of this scenic setting lurk dark secrets, long-standing feuds, and a myriad of mysteries waiting to be unraveled.

Maggie Redmond: A Heroine for Our Times

Central to the “Forgotten Coast” series is Maggie Redmond of the local sheriff’s department. Throughout the series, readers witness Maggie’s trials and tribulations, both personal and professional. McKenna crafts Maggie as a multi-dimensional character—a dedicated law enforcement officer with her own share of skeletons in the closet. Her personal struggles, coupled with her relentless pursuit of justice, make Maggie an enduring and relatable protagonist.

Forgotten Coast series

Intricately Woven Tales

While each book in the series can stand alone in terms of its narrative, there’s a larger arc that spans across the novels. McKenna’s strength lies in her ability to craft intricate plots that keep readers guessing till the end. The mysteries in the series are not just about crime; they delve into the hearts and histories of the characters involved, making the resolution all the more satisfying.

A Symphony of Emotions

While suspense is a given in the series, what sets the “Forgotten Coast” novels apart is their emotional depth. McKenna doesn’t shy away from exploring the gamut of human emotions—from love and loyalty to betrayal and revenge. The interpersonal dynamics, familial ties, and evolving relationships add layers to the narrative, making it more than just a thriller.


Dawn Lee McKenna’s “Forgotten Coast” series is a testament to her storytelling prowess. By marrying a captivating setting with compelling characters and intricate plots, she offers readers a series that is both thrilling and thought-provoking. For those looking for a suspenseful series that also touches the heart, the “Forgotten Coast” beckons with its tales of mystery, morality, and the enduring spirit of the South.

Please keep Dawn’s family in your thoughts.

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  1. Maggie worked for the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office not Port St Joe PD. Otherwise an awesome review of her Forgotten Coast series.

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