Lisa Regan: Books in Order

Lisa Regan Books in Order

It’s not surprising that dark crime thriller author Lisa Regan hails from Philadelphia. She writes with the city’s grittiness, and her background contributes to the authenticity of her stories and characters. Few writers intertwine suspense, emotion, and character depth quite like Regan. No shock that her thrillers end up on the bestseller list again and again. Today, we are proud to bring you the ultimate Lisa Regan books in order list.

Early Works

Lisa Regan broke upon the scene in 2012 with “Finding Claire Fletcher”, which went on to win eFestival of Word’s Best Heroine Award. To this day, the first Claire Fletcher novel remains one of my favorite dark thriller and suspense novels.

“Aberration” and “Hold Still” further cemented Regan as an author to watch in the thriller community. She never shied from exploring sensitive subjects like trauma, family dynamics, the ripple effects crime has on cities. Readers often speak of her stories resonating on an emotional level, something we should expect because of her honest approach to writing.

Let’s take a look at the best reading order for Lisa Regan’s books.

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The Claire Fletcher Series

Finding Claire Fletcher Lisa Regan

Finding Claire Fletcher (2012)
Losing Leah Holloway (2017)

Synopsis of the Claire Fletcher Series by Lisa Regan

The Claire Fletcher series focuses on the often horrific experiences of Claire Fletcher, who endures unimaginable trauma yet survives.

In the first book, “Finding Claire Fletcher,” we meet Claire Fletcher, a girl abducted by a madman ten years ago. Fletcher, partially brainwashed, is free to go out at night, but she must always return to her master. By chance, Detective Connor Parks encounters Claire one night.

Her relationship with Parks chips away at her mental prison, setting up a cataclysmic showdown between Claire, Parks, and the kidnapper.

Five years after her escape, Claire entangles herself in a disturbing investigation. After Leah Holloway drives a packed minivan into a river, Claire, now working as an investigator, questions why the woman would commit such a desperate act.

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The PI Jocelyn Rush Series

Hold Still Lisa Regan

Hold Still (2014)
Cold-Blooded (2015)
Over The Edge (2019)

Synopsis of the PI Jocelyn Rush Series by Lisa Regan

Private Investigator Jocelyn Rush is a former Philadelphia police detective with sharp instincts and a haunted past.

When a cold-case murder investigation reminds Rush of an unsolved case from her past career, she must bring closure to the families while confronting her ghosts.

Each novel in the PI Jocelyn Rush series is a heart-pounding thriller with a twisty finish.

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The Detective Josie Quinn Series

Vanishing Girls Lisa Regan

Vanishing Girls (2018)
The Girl With No Name (2018)
Her Mother’s Grave (2018)
Her Final Confession (2018)
The Bones She Buried (2019)
Her Silent Cry (2019)
Cold Heart Creek (2019)
Find Her Alive (2020)
Save Her Soul (2020)
Breathe Your Last (2020)
Hush Little Girl (2021)
Her Deadly Touch (2021)
The Drowning Girls (2021)
Watch Her Disappear (2022)
Local Girl Missing (2022)
The Innocent Wife (2022)
Close Her Eyes (2023)
My Child is Missing (2023)
Face Her Fear (2024)

Synopsis of the Detective Josie Quinn Series by Lisa Regan

Detective Josie Quinn’s troubled past informs her approach to crime solving. Like Claire Fletcher, Quinn possesses a vulnerability that thriller readers can relate to.

Like the best stories in the dark crime thriller genre, Regan merges police procedural elements with psychological suspense and drama. Quinn evolves in a believable manner as the series progresses. Readers who appreciate character-driven narratives will appreciate this evolution.

Set in the small town of Denton, Pennsylvania, the Detective Josie Quinn series brings the surrounding community. Rich characters come in and out of Quinn’s life, helping her grow and challenging her beliefs.

Like all of Regan’s books, we experience the psychological impact of crime on the victims. This layer of depth transcends the typical crime thriller and makes the Detective Josie Quinn series a must-read.

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Regan’s Impact on the Thriller Genre

reading Lisa Regan

Lisa Regan continues to make an impact on the thriller genre. Her narratives, gritty prose, and compelling characters set her apart from her contemporaries and influence other thriller writers. Her deep understandings of human psychology and believable plots raise the bar for what readers expect from the genre. Regan’s stories are anything but predictable.

When you read a Lisa Regan novel, you’ll meet strong, complex female characters who make waves in a traditionally male-dominated detective world. Her protagonists solve crimes as they encounter personal and emotional challenges, adding depth to her stories.

While crime thrillers and psychological thrillers are usually considered separate entities, Regan proves the genres can be combined. This hybrid approach is influencing a new wave of thriller writers who are not afraid to bring psychological suspense elements into their police procedural works.

And the real winners?


Lisa Regan: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes Lisa Regan’s books stand out compared to other thrillers?

A: Psychological insight, character development, and storytelling make Lisa Regan’s books stand out from her contemporaries. Most thrillers only focus on plot, but Regan’s novels consider the psychological motivations of her characters. In many ways, her works are reminiscent of Thomas Harris.

Q: Can new readers start anywhere in the Detective Josie Quinn series, or should they begin with the first book?

A: Each book in the Detective Josie Quinn series stands on its own. Still, we recommend you start the first book, “Vanishing Girls,” and move chronologically through our reading list. This is the best way to experience the character development and story arcs that evolve throughout the series.

Q: Are Lisa Regan’s books suitable for all ages?

A: No. Regan’s books are written for adults and often contain mature themes, including violence. The murder in “Finding Claire Fletcher” is particularly traumatic and unforgettable.

Q: Has Lisa Regan written any books outside the crime thriller genre?

A: Not yet. Lisa Regan possesses the skill to write in any genre, but she prefers to carve a niche in the dark crime thriller genre.

Q: What is next for Lisa Regan? Are there new projects or series on the horizon?

A: Oh yes! “Face Her Fear”, the latest Detective Josie Quinn novel, is scheduled for a 2024 release. We recommend you follow Lisa Regan on social media and join her newsletter to stay up to date.

Q: Where does Lisa Regan draw inspiration for her stories?

A: Regan draws inspiration from true crime, life experiences, and a dark and vivid imagination.

Q: How does Lisa Regan research her books?

A: Lisa Regan is known for her thorough research and the authenticity of her stories. This involves consulting with law enforcement professionals, studying criminal psychology, and following real-life crime investigation techniques.

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