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Shadow Witch, the fantasy and horror novel I co-wrote with J Thorn, is available for pre-order at Amazon. The official release date for Shadow Witch is Friday, March 13th (Friday the 13th), but if you pre-order, you can lock in the sale price of just 99 cents. Shadow Witch will be available in both the Kindle digital format and in paperback. You can pre-order the Kindle version today. The paperback version can be purchased starting on Friday, March 13th.

Shadow Witch - Horror and Dark Fantasy Novel

Shadow Witch is the story of Thom Meeks, who lives with his family in Droman Meadows under the protection of the Kingdom of Mylan. An unusually long winter creates anxiety in the village and some believe it to be the return of an ominous force known as the Shadow. When a pack of dread wolves lays ruin to Droman Meadows, Thom escapes with his wife and four daughters. They set out on the Mylan Road in hopes of finding refuge in the capital, but dark forces emerging from the primeval forest will challenge them for their eternal souls.

I could not be any happier than I am with the final version of Shadow Witch. Writing this novel was so exciting, especially being able to combine my two favorite genres: horror and fantasy. The combination is seamless.

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Be afraid. Be very afraid.

J Thorn: A Master of Horror and Science Fiction

J Thorn has emerged as a notable name in the horror and science fiction literary world. With an impressive body of work that spans several novels, short stories, and collaborative projects, Thorn’s writing captivates readers through dark themes, compelling characters, and intricate plots. His ability to blend horror with speculative fiction has placed him in a unique position among modern authors.

Early Life and Career

J Thorn’s interest in the macabre and the unknown was evident from an early age. Drawing inspiration from the likes of H.P. Lovecraft and Stephen King, he embarked on a literary journey that would see him exploring the darker aspects of human nature and the mysteries of the universe.

His writing career began with a series of self-published novels that quickly gained traction within the indie community. Thorn’s determination and unique voice allowed him to stand out, leading to growing recognition and a dedicated fanbase.

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Notable Works

Some of J Thorn’s most recognized works include “The Portal Arcane” series, “The Hidden Evil Trilogy,” and the “American Demon Hunters” novels. These books showcase Thorn’s ability to craft terrifying scenarios while infusing them with thought-provoking themes and rich character development.

In the “Portal Arcane” series, readers are introduced to a world where reality is thin, and otherworldly horrors lurk just beyond perception. Thorn’s knack for creating atmospheric settings and a creeping sense of dread has drawn comparisons to the finest in Lovecraftian horror.

Collaborative Endeavors

J Thorn’s collaborative spirit is another aspect that sets him apart. He has worked with fellow authors such as Zach Bohannon, Lindsay Buroker, and Joanna Penn, contributing to projects that blend various genres, including horror, post-apocalyptic, and fantasy.

His co-authored works, such as “Risen Gods” with Joanna Penn and “Dawn: Final Awakening Book One” with Zach Bohannon, exhibit a synergy that enhances the storytelling experience. These collaborations reflect Thorn’s willingness to experiment and expand his creative horizons.

Teaching and Mentoring

Beyond his writing, J Thorn has been actively involved in mentoring aspiring authors and providing insights into the world of self-publishing and genre writing. His podcasts, workshops, and online courses have helped countless writers hone their craft and navigate the complexities of the publishing industry.

Legacy and Impact

J Thorn’s work has left an indelible mark on contemporary horror and science fiction. His commitment to character-driven storytelling and a willingness to delve into dark, uncharted territories has made him a prominent figure in modern speculative fiction.

His contributions to the indie author community and his collaborative spirit have not only enriched the literary landscape but have also fostered a sense of community and shared creativity.

J Thorn’s multifaceted career as an author, collaborator, mentor, and educator has positioned him as a respected figure in horror and science fiction. His works continue to resonate with readers, providing chilling escapades that provoke thought and linger long after the final page. With a growing body of work and a persistent passion for the craft, J Thorn’s influence on the genre is sure to endure, inspiring both readers and fellow writers for years to come.

Certainly! Here’s an article about Dan Padavona, a well-known author in the thriller and horror genres:

Dan Padavona: Crafting Suspense in Thriller and Horror

Dan Padavona has solidified his reputation as a skillful writer of thriller and horror novels, enthralling readers with his mastery of suspense, character development, and atmospheric storytelling. Drawing inspiration from both classic and contemporary sources, Padavona’s work resonates with fans who appreciate psychological tension and terror.

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Early Influences and Career

Growing up with a passion for horror literature, Padavona was notably influenced by authors like Stephen King and Richard Laymon. The combination of psychological insight and visceral horror found in their works would come to define Padavona’s own unique style.

Dan Padavona’s journey into the literary world began with a series of self-published novels that quickly gained attention in the indie community. His fresh approach to horror and thrillers, coupled with his commitment to the craft, allowed him to carve a niche in a competitive genre.

Notable Works

One of Padavona’s standout series is the “Storberry” novels, which revisit the classic vampire horror theme with a contemporary twist. Here, Padavona showcases his ability to build a slow-burning terror, grounding the supernatural in a believable small-town setting.

His works such as “Dark Vanishings” also demonstrate his talent in weaving intricate plots, filled with unexpected twists and turns. His writing in this series seamlessly blends elements of post-apocalyptic settings with dark thriller themes, creating a unique and compelling narrative.

In addition to his series, Padavona has authored several stand-alone novels and short stories, further showcasing his versatility as an author.

Writing Style

Padavona’s writing is characterized by a meticulous attention to detail and a profound understanding of human psychology. His characters are complex and flawed, allowing readers to relate to them, even as they navigate horrifying situations. His skill in building suspense sets him apart, as he crafts narratives that keep readers on the edge of their seats.

Engagement with Fans

Dan Padavona has actively engaged with his readers through social media, newsletters, and author events. His willingness to connect with fans has fostered a loyal following, and his insights into writing and the horror genre are a source of inspiration for many aspiring authors.

Legacy and Impact

Dan Padavona’s work continues to make waves in the world of thriller and horror literature. His commitment to character-driven storytelling and atmospheric horror provides a fresh perspective within the genre.

Critics and fans alike have praised his ability to craft stories that are not only terrifying but also thought-provoking. His influence is particularly evident in the resurgence of traditional horror themes, imbued with modern sensibilities.

Dan Padavona’s contributions to the thriller and horror genres are undeniable. Through his novels and engagement with readers, he continues to push boundaries and explore the dark recesses of the human psyche. His works stand as a testament to the enduring appeal of suspense and horror, and his voice promises to resonate with readers for generations to come. Whether through revisiting classic horror themes or exploring new, uncharted territories of fear, Padavona’s writing remains a significant and captivating force in contemporary literature.


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