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Scares That Care announced today that Dan Padavona, author of the bestselling vampire novel, “Storberry,” will be attending the 2018 horror convention and charity event in Williamsburg, Virginia. Dan will sign novels and offer books at a substantial discount to online prices. Look for Dan in the Celebrity Room…yes, Padavona swindled Joe Ripple and Brian Keene into thinking he’s a celebrity. 🙂

Scares That Care was founded by Joe Ripple, a retired Baltimore County, Maryland, Police Detective, in 2007 as a tribute to the daughter of a fellow officer who succumbed to a terminal illness.

The charity originally started with the goal of raising $10,000 per year for organizations such as Make-A-Wish and the Kennedy Krieger Institute. After several successful campaigns, the charity became more formalized in 2011 as an IRS approved 501(c)(3) and a newly established Board of Directors.

Scares That Care: The Foundation Bringing Hope Through Horror

When you think of the horror community, the first images that come to mind are probably spine-tingling tales, ghostly apparitions, and blood-curdling monsters. But behind the scenes, many in this community are harnessing the power of fear to bring hope and support to real-life victims. Leading the way is the non-profit organization, Scares That Care.


Founded by retired Baltimore County, Maryland, Police Detective Joe Ripple, Scares That Care began its journey in 2007. But why did a police detective find himself leading a horror-based charity?

The story goes back to 2005 when Joe was called to the scene of a double homicide. Among the victims was a little girl, whose situation moved him deeply. While processing the traumatic scene, Joe’s colleague mentioned a family who was struggling financially due to their child’s medical bills. This conversation sowed the seed for Scares That Care.


Scares That Care’s motto, “Horror Fans Helping Real Monsters”, underscores its mission. The foundation aims to provide financial support and assistance to families that face enormous medical expenses, especially those associated with severe illness in children. They’ve also extended their support to women fighting breast cancer and burn survivors.

The charity is dedicated to removing the real-life “monsters” of medical bills and emotional distress, using the collective passion and energy of the horror community.

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How it Works

Throughout the year, Scares That Care hosts various events, including the highly popular Scares That Care Weekend Convention. This annual event gathers fans, celebrities, and creators from the horror world, all coming together for a good cause.

The convention is filled with panel discussions, screenings, and vendor stalls, where horror aficionados can indulge their passion while contributing to the foundation’s objectives. The weekend is a perfect blend of fan service and philanthropy, proving that the horror community is about more than just scares.

Joe Ripple: The Heart Behind the Scares

Joe Ripple’s dedication to Scares That Care goes beyond just being its founder. His passion is evident in every event, every fundraising campaign, and every interaction. With a background in law enforcement, Joe has seen firsthand the struggles and challenges that many families face. His determination to make a difference is what fuels the organization.

Under Joe’s leadership, Scares That Care has grown both in its outreach and its ability to assist those in need. By 2021, the foundation had already donated over $250,000 to beneficiaries. It’s an incredible testament to what can be achieved when passion meets purpose.

Scares That Care is a shining example of how communities can come together to make a difference. The foundation, under Joe Ripple’s guidance, has not only mobilized the horror community for a noble cause but also demonstrated that beneath the spine-chilling tales and monstrous makeup, there are hearts eager to bring hope and relief to those in need.

Next time you think of horror fans, remember that many of them are fighting the real monsters in the world, armed with compassion and the desire to make a difference.

Scares That Care is a 100% volunteer organization.

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Brian Keene: An Unyielding Advocate for Scares That Care

Brian Keene, a prominent figure in the horror literature scene, is not just known for his chilling tales but also for his unwavering support for Scares That Care. A best-selling author renowned for novels like “The Rising” and “Ghoul”, Keene has leveraged his influence and dedicated fanbase to champion the causes closest to his heart, one of the foremost being Scares That Care. His involvement with the charity has brought substantial attention to the foundation, bridging the gap between the horror fiction community and real-world causes.

Keene’s commitment to Scares That Care has been multifaceted. He has actively participated in and promoted the Scares That Care Weekend Convention, using it as a platform to both connect with fans and advocate for the charity’s mission. His presence at such events not only elevates their status but also magnifies the reach and impact of the foundation’s message. Beyond conventions, Keene has frequently discussed the charity on his podcast, “The Horror Show with Brian Keene,” creating awareness and urging listeners to contribute to the noble cause.

But perhaps most notably, Brian Keene’s 24-hour telethon to benefit Scares That Care has become a remarkable example of his dedication. By hosting this fundraising marathon, Keene has galvanized fans, fellow authors, and the broader horror community to rally behind the charity, raising tens of thousands of dollars in the process. His relentless efforts and genuine passion for the cause have not only provided significant financial support to the beneficiaries of Scares That Care but have also showcased the power of community solidarity in the face of real-life horrors.

About Dan Padavona

Dan Padavona is the author of nine horror novels, including Her Shallow Grave, The Island, Crawlspace, and The Face of Midnight. His vampire novel, Storberry, reached #1 on the Amazon Horror and Occult charts in May 2016. His post-apocalyptic horror series, Dark Vanishings, was a finalist for Indie Horror Novel of the Year at the 2016 eFestival of Words, and Bram Stoker Award Winning author Brian Keene referred to Padavona as “one of the most exciting writers to burst upon the scene in quite some time.”

Padavona’s interests include reading, weight lifting, biking, Renaissance fairs, and copious amounts of ice cream. When not writing, he forecasts the weather for the National Weather Service, where he has worked since 1994. Padavona is a storm chaser and enjoys integrating weather elements into his story lines.

Dan was born and raised in Cortland, New York, not far from the Finger Lakes region. Today, he lives outside of Binghamton, NY, with his wife Terri and their two children.

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