Seven New Serial Killer Thrillers on Audiobook

Scarlett Bell series Connie Shabshab

If you love to listen to serial killer thrillers on audiobook, this is the news you’ve been waiting for. The first seven books in Dan Padavona’s hot-selling Scarlett Bell thriller series are available on Audible and iTunes. Produced by the award-winning narrator Connie Shabshab, these chilling thrillers will keep you up to all hours of the night.

Readers have described the Scarlett Bell series as “the female Jack Reacher meets Hannibal Lecter,” and “if John Carpenter directed Criminal Minds.”

The last three audiobooks in the series are pegged for release by January 2022, with two audiobook box sets to follow.

Scarlett Bell’s popularity has endured since these serial killer thrillers were first released in 2018, with the beloved FBI agent and Behavioral Analysis Unit profiler appearing in the Wolf Lake series. Now Connie Shabshab brings new life to the characters and offers amazing performances in every audiobook.

A teenage girl is brutally murdered in an idyllic lake community. In over his head, the local sheriff calls upon the Behavior Analysis Unit’s best profiler, Scarlett Bell, to find the murderer.

Is a serial killer stalking Coral Lake?

Now Scarlett faces a killer unlike any she’s encountered. Bloodthirsty. Cunning. Insane.

Another girl goes missing, and the special agent must stop the killer before time runs out. But the killer is a ghost, a phantom hiding in plain sight, and Scarlett must untangle a confusing web of evidence if she hopes to track him down.

If she fails, the girl dies. The body count will grow.

Scarlett should beware. The killer is coming for her now.

Connie Shabshab: Breathing Life into Dan Padavona’s Scarlett Bell Series Audiobooks

Audiobooks have the magical ability to transport listeners to different worlds, with the narrator playing the pivotal role of the charioteer. One voice that has stood out in recent times is that of Connie Shabshab, the talented narrator for Dan Padavona’s Scarlett Bell series. Her narration elevates the stories, creating an immersive experience for listeners. Let’s explore what makes Connie Shabshab’s collaboration with Padavona’s series a match made in audiobook heaven.

A Voice Like No Other:

Connie’s voice is a blend of clarity and brightness. It’s not just a voice you hear, but one you feel. Every word she speaks resonates with the listener, whether she’s navigating the realms of humor or tugging at the heartstrings with drama. Her eclectic range, a result of her training as a vocalist and stage actress, effortlessly complements the multifaceted characters and intricate plots of the Scarlett Bell series.

Stage Actress to Audiobook Narrator:

Having treaded the boards as a stage actress, Connie understands the importance of emotive delivery and character differentiation. As listeners dive into the Scarlett Bell series, they can easily distinguish between characters, not just by the written word, but by the unique tonal qualities Connie imparts to each one. This adds depth to the audiobook experience, as the listener forms a personal bond with every character.

Professionalism Personified:

Connie’s home studio is where the magic happens. It’s her sanctum of creativity, where words on a page transform into living, breathing entities. Her unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality audio recordings is evident in every chapter of the Scarlett Bell series. When authors and producers collaborate with Connie, they not only get a seasoned narrator but also a consummate professional. Her reliability and calm, pleasant demeanor make the entire production process seamless and enjoyable.

A Symphony of Words and Voice:

Dan Padavona’s Scarlett Bell series, with its gripping tales and intricate characters, needed a voice that could match its intensity. In Connie Shabshab, it found its perfect match. Her ability to switch between suspenseful crescendos and soft, poignant moments makes the series a riveting auditory experience. The tales are enriched, the suspense magnified, and the characters humanized, all thanks to Connie’s narration.

While the written word has its charm, audiobooks offer a different kind of allure. They demand a synergy between the story and the narrator. With Connie Shabshab’s impeccable voice gracing Dan Padavona’s Scarlett Bell series, listeners are guaranteed an entrancing journey. Her voice, combined with Padavona’s storytelling prowess, makes the Scarlett Bell audiobooks a must-listen for fans of the thriller genre.

Ready to listen?

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The Thrill of Audiobooks: Amplifying the Suspense in Thrillers

thrillers on Audible

Immersive Experience:
One of the most significant benefits of listening to thrillers on audiobook is the enhanced immersion it offers. A skilled narrator can breathe life into the characters, settings, and situations, allowing the listener to dive deep into the heart of the story. Background sounds, be it the eerie echo of footsteps in a dark alley or the distant rumble of thunder, further heighten the atmospheric tension. This multisensory experience, where the words are complemented by tone, pacing, and sound effects, creates a vivid mental movie, often making the suspense more palpable than merely reading the words on a page.

Convenience and Flexibility:
Audiobooks offer unparalleled flexibility. Whether you’re commuting, working out, or doing household chores, you can plunge into the thrilling world of your chosen story without the need to sit down and read. This convenience ensures that even the busiest individuals can indulge in their favorite thrillers. Moreover, for those long car journeys or flights, a gripping thriller audiobook can be the perfect companion, making hours fly by as you’re engrossed in a heart-pounding narrative.

Enhanced Comprehension and Retention:
Listening to a story can often lead to better comprehension and retention. The nuances in a narrator’s voice, their emphasis on certain words, and the pace at which they navigate the plot can help listeners pick up on subtleties they might miss while reading. This is particularly beneficial in the thriller genre, where every detail can be a clue, and every character’s tone might hint at underlying motives. Furthermore, hearing a story can be especially beneficial for auditory learners who absorb and retain information more efficiently when they listen, making the thrilling twists and turns of the plot even more memorable.

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