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Mind of a Killer, the first book in the Scarlett Bell FBI thriller series, is now available in audiobook format on Audible and iTunes.

Highlighted by an amazing performance from Connie Shabshab, this gripping serial killer thriller comes to life like never before. I’m thrilled to announce Connie Shabshab will produce all ten books in the Scarlett Bell series, including Blood Storm, which will be available on Audible and iTunes in the next two to three weeks.

Want a free preview? Watch the video below and let me know if you love it!

Dare to enter a killer’s mind.

“The heart-pounding serial killer thriller that will leave you breathless.”

A teenage girl is brutally murdered in an idyllic lake community. In over his head, the local sheriff calls upon the Behavior Analysis Unit’s best profiler, Scarlett Bell, to find the murderer.

Is a serial killer stalking Coral Lake?

Now Scarlett faces a killer unlike any she’s encountered. Bloodthirsty. Cunning. Insane.

Another girl goes missing, and the special agent must stop the killer before time runs out. But the killer is a ghost, a phantom hiding in plain sight, and Scarlett must untangle a confusing web of evidence if she hopes to track him down.

If she fails, the girl dies. The body count will grow.

Scarlett should beware. The killer is coming for her now.

The page-turning FBI serial killer thriller that readers call “Jack Reacher meets Hannibal Lecter.” From the bestselling author of Storberry.

The Unique Allure of Audiobooks for Crime Thriller Enthusiasts

Audiobooks have surged in popularity in recent years, reshaping the landscape of literary consumption. For fans of the crime thriller genre, this medium offers a distinct set of benefits that magnify the suspense, intrigue, and cerebral pleasure associated with these tales. Here’s a look at why audiobooks might just be the best way to consume your favorite crime thriller.

1. Heightened Atmosphere and Suspense

Skilled narrators can bring the tension and atmosphere of a crime thriller to life. Through variations in tone, pacing, and modulation, they can elevate a suspenseful scene, making your heart race or have you clutching the edge of your seat. For the moments when the protagonist is sneaking up on a suspect or the climax is nearing, a good narrator can make the experience more immersive than simply reading the text.

2. Convenience and Multitasking

One of the standout benefits of audiobooks is the ability to listen on-the-go. Whether you’re commuting, working out, cooking, or even doing chores, you can be simultaneously engrossed in a thrilling crime mystery. This accessibility allows crime thriller fans to consume more stories even when they’re busy with other tasks.

3. Character Depth and Differentiation

A talented narrator can provide distinct voices for each character, adding depth and authenticity. This distinction can help listeners easily differentiate between a vast cast, often common in crime thrillers with numerous suspects, detectives, and secondary characters. As a result, the plot becomes easier to follow, and characters become more memorable.

4. Greater Engagement with the Story

Research has shown that our brains process audiobooks similarly to reading text, but with the added dimension of auditory input, there’s an additional layer of engagement. The combination of hearing the story and visualizing it can make the narrative more compelling and memorable, especially in a genre that’s driven by intricate plots and twists.

5. Ambiance with Sound Effects and Music

Some audiobook productions, particularly in the crime thriller genre, come equipped with background sound effects and music to set the mood. The eerie silence of a crime scene, the distant sirens, or the soft hum of a city at night can add layers of immersion that aren’t present in the text format.

6. Enhanced Focus for Complex Plots

Crime thrillers are known for their intricate plots, red herrings, and unexpected turns. For some readers, listening to the story helps in retaining these details better than reading. The auditory stimulus can help in focusing and remembering key plot points and clues, ensuring that the listener doesn’t miss out on any vital twist.

7. Accessibility for Different Audiences

Audiobooks can be a boon for those who have visual impairments or other disabilities that make traditional reading challenging. Crime thriller fans who might have difficulty with standard books can still engage with and enjoy their favorite genre through audiobooks.

While the traditional reading experience will always have its unique charm, audiobooks offer an alternative that, for many, enhances the exhilarating world of crime thrillers. Whether it’s the immersive narration, the convenience of multitasking, or the added depth to characters and plots, audiobooks might just be the perfect companion for those seeking their next thrilling mystery.

Connie Shabshab: The Melodious Voice Behind Modern Audiobooks

Connie Shabshab audiobooks

In the sprawling landscape of modern audiobook narrators, some voices stand out, both for their clarity and their versatility. Connie Shabshab is one such voice, seamlessly traversing diverse literary terrains with grace and finesse.

Connie’s voice is marked by its clear, bright tones, an asset that distinguishes her in an industry teeming with talent. With a range as eclectic as hers, she has become a sought-after narrator, capable of evoking humor and drama with equal aplomb.

Her credentials as a trained vocalist and stage actress further enrich her audiobook narrations. The stage, a demanding mistress, has endowed her with the skills to infuse life into characters, be it through a nuanced pause or a subtle change in pitch. These qualities make her an invaluable asset to the world of audiobooks.

It comes as no surprise that authors of repute seek her out. Notable names like Laura Burton and Dan Padavona have had their works narrated and produced by Connie, enhancing the auditory experience of their stories. Such collaborations are indicative of the trust authors place in her ability to resonate with their narrative and to convey it to listeners with integrity.

For audiobook enthusiasts, Connie Shabshab isn’t just a narrator; she’s a bridge between the author’s words and the listener’s heart. Through her voice, stories unfurl, characters come alive, and complex terminologies become accessible.

In an age where the audiobook industry is witnessing exponential growth, voices like Connie’s remind us of the magic that skilled narration can bring to a story. In her narrations, we find the promise of a tale well-told, an auditory journey worth embarking upon.

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