Slasher Novel – The Face of Midnight

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Slasher novel, The Face of Midnight, is available for sale NOW on Amazon. The Kindle price is only 99 cents for Dan Padavona’s newsletter subscribers. But hurry…the price will increase soon.

Fans of Richard Laymon and early Jack Ketchum will especially love The Face of Midnight, one of Padavona’s darkest novels to date.

Of the new novel, Dan Padavona said, “I probably enjoyed writing this novel more than anything I’ve written since the first Dark Vanishings episode. For me, the key to enjoying a story is immersing myself in characters I want to know more about. That’s why I love the lead character, Becca, so much.”

One of the biggest challenges Padavona faced writing his new novel was living up to the expectations set by Crawlspace.

Slasher Novel The Face of Midnight

“Fans of dark horror really ate up Crawlspace, which I consider to be a slasher novel, at least in spirit. I mean, when a legend like Brian Keene calls your new novel an instant classic, you get excited but can’t help but wonder if maybe you set the bar too high. What do you write next? The Face of Midnight was a godsend. It practically wrote itself once I conceived the two main characters.

From the Back Cover

Becca is homeless, but she sleeps in the finest neighborhood houses. She knows when you’re home and when you’re away. She might even be sleeping in your bed now. Danger, however, is closing in on Becca.

New York’s most-feared murderer, The Midnight Killer, is butchering victims on his way across the state. He’s getting closer to Becca every day.

When Becca and her friend, Steve, flee from a deranged man in Barton Falls, they take shelter inside an abandoned farmhouse on the edge of town. But something evil lurks within the house, and a freak October storm has trapped Becca and Steve inside.

And it’s Halloween Night.

Drawing Inspiration from Ketchum and Laymon

Jack Ketchum, Richard Laymon, and Dan Padavona: Titans of Terror

Horror fiction is a vast and diverse genre that has birthed numerous master storytellers. Among these are Jack Ketchum, Richard Laymon, and Dan Padavona. While each author brings their unique style and voice to the genre, drawing comparisons and contrasts between them can provide valuable insights into their contributions to the horror world.

1. Writing Style:

  • Jack Ketchum: Ketchum’s prose is often blunt, direct, and visceral. He doesn’t shy away from portraying the darkest sides of human nature. His stories, such as “The Girl Next Door” and “Off Season”, are infamous for their gritty realism, often blurring the lines between horror fiction and the truly horrific capacities of human beings.
  • Richard Laymon: Laymon’s novels are known for their breakneck pace and graphic descriptions. His works, like “The Cellar” and “Endless Night”, are characterized by extreme violence and often sexual undertones. Laymon’s stories plunge readers into a world where anything gruesome can happen, and it often does.
  • Dan Padavona: While influenced by both Ketchum and Laymon, Padavona blends elements of suspense, terror, and psychological horror. His narratives often delve deep into human fears, drawing tension not just from external threats but also from internal struggles.
80s slasher horror artwork

2. Themes:

  • Jack Ketchum: A recurring theme in Ketchum’s work is the evil that humans do. He often eschews supernatural elements in favor of raw, human malevolence, making readers question the nature of humanity itself.
  • Richard Laymon: Laymon’s work often deals with the sudden intrusion of chaos into ordinary lives. His stories frequently involve innocent people being thrust into nightmarish scenarios, exploring how they react and adapt.
  • Dan Padavona: Like Laymon, Padavona often portrays ordinary people in extraordinary, horrifying situations. However, his work also delves into psychological horrors and the impact of past traumas on the present.

3. Influence and Legacy:

  • Jack Ketchum: With accolades from the likes of Stephen King, who once called him “the scariest guy in America”, Ketchum’s influence on modern horror cannot be overstated. His fearless portrayal of the dark side of humanity has paved the way for many contemporary horror writers.
  • Richard Laymon: Despite not achieving the mainstream success he deserved during his lifetime, Laymon’s cult following is evidence of his lasting impact on the horror genre. His unique blend of fast-paced action and explicit horror has inspired a generation of horror writers.
  • Dan Padavona: As a newer entrant to the scene, Padavona’s legacy is still in the making. However, his synthesis of psychological and visceral horror, likely influenced by the works of Ketchum and Laymon, suggests a promising trajectory.

Jack Ketchum, Richard Laymon, and Dan Padavona, each in their own way, have added unique flavors to the horror genre. Ketchum’s raw and disturbing portrayal of humanity, Laymon’s adrenaline-fueled tales of terror, and Padavona’s psychological deep dives are all testaments to the versatility and depth of horror fiction. While each author stands tall on their own merits, their combined contributions ensure that readers of horror will have diverse and chilling tales to enjoy for years to come.

About Dan Padavona

Dan Padavona is an American author known for his works in the horror genre. While he might not have been as prominent as some of the biggest names in the industry by 2021, he has built a dedicated following with his uniquely crafted tales.

A few notable points about Dan Padavona:

  1. Inspiration: Dan has mentioned in interviews that some of his influences include legendary horror writers such as Stephen King and Richard Laymon. Their influence is often felt in his writing style and narrative structures.
  2. Works: Over the years, Dan Padavona has written several novels and series, delving into various sub-genres of horror. Some of his books have received praise for their intense atmospheres and gripping storylines.
  3. Background: An interesting tidbit about Padavona is that he spent 28 years as a meteorologist with the National Weather Service and is an avid tornado and severe thunderstorm chaser.
  4. Style: One of the hallmarks of Padavona’s writing is his ability to blend elements of suspense, terror, and psychological horror. He often explores the depths of human fears and the unknown.
  5. Engagement with Fans: Padavona is known for being actively engaged with his fanbase. He often communicates with readers through social media and his website, giving updates about his upcoming works, sharing his thoughts on the horror genre, and providing insights into his writing process.

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